Financial Services

Maximizing the return of investment on your hotel investment. Both short turn through profit optimization, and long term through operational cost control.

With an ability to make quick decisions backed by years of experience in the industry your bottom line is always the top priority. Our strong performance history allows our accounting manager to provide support along all stages of development. From opening accounts, securing loans, processing investments, to operational budgeting, reviewing accounts receivable, and projecting continued revenue our accounting team will complete all of these tasks in an organized manner.

  • We can strategize on budget development, cash management, and revenue monitoring to best capitalize on your hotel.
  • Provide template forms for payroll administration, budgeting, accounts receivable, and a calendar to import important payment deadlines such as taxes.
  • Ensure all paperwork has been properly filed and are maintained in accordance with state and government requirements.
  • Direct and train hotel operations teams in financial reports, internal controls, labour management, and property cash flows.