Human Resource Management

Assistance in recruitment and staffing of key hotel positions and aids in compliance and employment law; including claims management, benefits administration and employee training.

Quality customer care, at the core of every hotel, is the base of your revenue and depends on attentive, energetic staff. As a service industry we rely on strong, dedicated human labor whose quality directly affects the guests experience. It is imperative to nurture and train front desk managers, housekeeping workers, and maintenance engineers to keep your hotel running at its most productive pace while emitting a relaxed aurora for the guests. With a supportive and engaged staff, that you can trust in place, your hotel will need less overhead management providing you with more time to develop further investments in the industry.

  • Maintain staff by recruiting, selecting, and training talented employees ensuring that they reach their fullest potential in the hotel industry.
  • Work with accounting to optimize payroll budgeting so workers feel fulfilled by their salary and come to the hotel each day excited for their tasks.
  • Commit to implement positive appreciations that develop a strong connection between the hotel company and the supportive staff.
  • Ensure that your business abides by state and federal employment law and intervene successfully on unemployment cases.